Men's Classic Waxed Jacket

$106.00 $129.00


Size Chart:

Bust Length Shoulder Width Sleeve Length
inches cm inches cm inches cm inches cm
S 39.37 100 23.23 59 16.73 42.5 23.62 60
M 40.94 104 24.02 61 17.32 44 24.21 61.5
L 42.52 108 24.80 63 17.91 45.5 24.80 63
XL 44.09 112 25.59 65 18.50 47 25.39 64.5
2XL 45.67 116 26.38 67 19.09 48.5 25.98 66
3XL 47.24 120 27.17 69 19.69 50 26.57 67.5



A waxed jacket is a seasonal RGT fan favourite and all-time a bestseller. Oil cloth is when cotton is woven into yarn, and the cloth made of wax stone has strong wind resistance and slight water resistance. It was once the designated equipment of the British national locomotive team. Later, it became the favourite of the motorcycle family. It is different from other clothing because of the stiff upper body. It is even more stalwart for men. Less stiff and easier to break in than its denim cousins, waxed cotton canvas yields beautiful wear patterns, patinas like nobody's business, and can be re-waxed as desired for ultimate weather resistance.  

The fabric is made of 8OZ dry oil wax canvas, retro laurel brass buckle, the version of the slim oil wax jacket originated from the British outdoor In order to adapt to the humid and harsh environment, inspired by the sail, the super waterproof waxed jacket was developed wide welcome as soon as it was launched.

  • Waxed, weather-resistant  8 oz. 
  • Do not wash or dry clean – brush or wipe clean with a damp rag. Rewax as needed to maintain maximum water resistance.
  • Everyday, Field, Workwear

Keep On Truckin

Even when the weather takes a turn for the worse, the Waxed Trucker’s weather-resistant waxed canvas shell keeps you dry without slowing you down

Wears in, not out

Tough, timeless