12.08oz Basic Cargo Denim Pants


Size Chart
Size Length Waist Hips Thigh
28 101 74.5 100 64
29 102 77.5 103 65.5
30 103 80.5 106 67
31 104 83.5 109 68.5
32 105 86.5 112 70
33 106 89.5 115 71.5
34 107 92.5 118 73
36 108 95.5 121 74.5

Material: 75% cotton, 25% polyester

Product Description
This item is attractive for its simple and pure basic denim design. The waist has a metal button with a color scheme, which makes it a little point in the overall blue. The silhouette uses a regular straight that can be worn loosely. The material is comfortable to wear, soft and soft cotton and stretch polyester fabric are used, and the texture of the 12.08oz material is clearly expressed, and you can enjoy the secular variation unique to denim as you wear it.
The exquisite wash that creates a vintage atmosphere is also a point, and it is the perfect one for trendy styling. On the detail side, a cotton card for decoration is attached to the hip pocket, making it an item with a street feel as well as an item that is easy to incorporate into casual coordination as a popular silhouette. It supports a wide range of coordination from casual to athleisure, so it is a versatile piece.
Since the roll-up part is designed to accumulate at the hem, it is a work style with boots. Wide pants with volume, so it is recommended to coordinate with a big silhouette shirt and outerwear for a relaxed feeling.

Product Details
Care: Can be washed with water
Fabric thickness: standard
Silhouette: Standard
Elasticity: None
Lining: None
Features: 12.08oz material
Related categories: Bottoms / Denim pants
Gender type: Men