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WWII M51 Fishtail Long Windbreaker

WWII M51 Fishtail Long Windbreaker

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Size Chart:
Size(cm) Length Shoulder Bust Sleeve Length
M 90.5 55 128 60.5
L 92.5 56.5 132 61.5
XL 94.5 58 136 62.5
2XL 96.5 59.5 140 63.5
3XL 98.5 61 144 64.5
Shell: Cotton

M51 classic field windbreaker, M51 field windbreaker ZUl has long been used as military equipment for soldiers to deal with cold weather. After the war, this fishtail coat is not a good one. It was the standard equipment for British youth in the 1950s and 1960s.without a M51 fishtail parka, you are embarrassed to say that you are a contemporaryyouth. Many British teenagers suddenly like to drive Vespas motorcycles and listento modern jazz music. Wear a tailored slim suit and put on a fishtail parka.There is afan!The Morse culture has not spread to the world, but it has become the most Britishsubculture.lts influence has been so far that the popularity and acceptance of M51 alsocvmbolizes the onenina of the culture of militarv uniform fashion.

Details & Features:
- Single breasted and zipper closure
- Two patch pockets
- Regular fit
- Machine wash

Washing Instructions
1. Machine wash, or handwash. Wash with water below 40 degrees.
2. Do not bleach. When washing, the color may fade slightly, so please do not wash with white or light-colored items.
3. Rinse thoroughly after washing. If detergent remains, it may discolor or fade.
4. Avoid direct sunlight and dry in the shade to prevent dark clothes from fading. Hang it up.
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