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12 oz. Navajo Embroidered Western Denim Shirt

12 oz. Navajo Embroidered Western Denim Shirt

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Details & Cares:
- 12 oz. denim
- Western single point yoke
- Navajo style embroidered
- Carefully engineered shoulder drop
- Six button snap front
- Double point flap front pockets
- Elongated tapered barrel cuffs with a triple snap button configuration
- One-button tailored sleeve placket
- Classic collar
- 100% Cotton
- Machine wash

Size & Fit:
- True to size
- Regular fit

Size (Inch) US Size Chest Shoulder Length
S 36 40.6 17.3 28.7
M 38 42.5 18.1 29.5
L 40 44.1 18.9 30.3
XL 42 46.5 19.7 30.7

 *This data was obtained from manually measuring the product. It may be off by half an inch.

* The Navajo printed pattern block is random in repeat. The effect in pictures is one of them.


Navajo textiles are more than an expression of art; they are an expression of spirituality, community, and cultural continuity. According to Navajo tradition, weaving is the most ancient and sacred practice of their people.  
Two spirits, the Spider People, brought hemp seeds to the Navajo. Spider Man taught them to make the loom, while Spider Woman taught them how to weave so that they could always provide for themselves.

One ubiquitous symbol in Navajo weaving is the cross. It's actually the symbol of Spider Woman, and it represents her spiritual energy, her teachings, and all of Navajo culture. It's a powerful motif, but according to tradition, there was danger in representing Spider Woman through an earthly symbol since she's not of this world. To compensate, many Navajo weavers will insert a small circle in the design or create a physical hole so her spirit can escape.


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