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Gradient Plaid Cotton Flannel Shirt

Gradient Plaid Cotton Flannel Shirt

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Details & Cares:
- Plaid pattern
- Gradient color
- Button down
- Square cuffs
- 2 front patch pocket
- Resin button
- Classic collar
- Casual smart
- 95% Cotton, 5% Polyester
- Machine wash

Size & Fit:
- True to size
- Loose fit

Size (Inch) US Size Chest Shoulder Length
M 34-36 49.6 22.8 28.3
L 38-40 51.2 23.4 29.1
XL 42-44 52.8 24 29.9
2XL 46-48 54.3 24.6 30.7

*This data was obtained from manually measuring the product. It may be off by half an inch.


Flannel first emerged in the 17th century, created by the Welsh as a replacement to their plain wool garb. Made out of worsted yarn, napped on one or both sides, and sourced from the country’s multitudinous herds of sheep, the fabric provided much better protection against the Welsh’s notoriously wet and windy winters; it’s unclear who named the stuff, but the French called it flanelle, the Germans, Flanell.

The fabric once again was called upon by the military during WWI, used to make undershirts, belts and sewn-on patches. When American soldiers were sent off to the Pacific and European theaters in 1942, they were still wearing flannel, including in the warm lining of the famous Parsons M1941 field jacket.

After the war, flannel proved it wasn’t exclusive to the undershirts, work clothes and bedding; it could also be sophisticated. The 1950s witnessed the rise of gray flannel suits, the standard for most all business men. In 1955, The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit, a novel by Sloan Wilson about a man navigating the new business world, was released to critical acclaim and prompted a film adaptation starring Gregory Peck (a style icon of the time) in a Fox Flannel suit.

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