Retro Leather Work Boots



First appearance of work boots in the fall and winter of this year
As the first new work boot of this season, we have devised various items such as leather material selection, crafts, lasts, etc., and improved it many times. After you get it, you'll know everything.

Good work boots look better the longer you wear them.
"Growing up in your own color and engraving history" is the most attractive thing about leather. Even if you use the same thing, the look of leather will change greatly depending on the environment and usage.
This time, we have escalated the texture of leather and waxing crafts to create a nice condition that makes these work boots more familiar.

Real shooting:


Detail display:

Double-stitched double-welt crafts are not made on a regular machine, so they cost twice as much.

Thick sole
Lasts are the soul of work boots
Plays an important role in shoe shape and comfort

We have two types of waxed shoelaces, so please enjoy them.