Retro M-51 Fishtail Long Hooded Cotton Jacket

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Size chart:

Size(cm) Length Bust Sleeve Length Hem
S 86 113 57 64
M 88  117  58  66
L 90  121  59  68 
XL 92  125  60  70 
XXL 94  129  61  70 

Speaking of field parka (mods coat), the gem M-51 completed as a military parka so that the name "M-51" goes up first. Its style, which is so sophisticated that it cannot be thought that it was developed about 60 years ago, has not faded and is still indispensable for military fashion. And now the design that matches not only the casual scene but also the business scene has become popular and has become an item that has jumped over genres. It features a design called "fish tail" with a long back hem. It is a discerning item that reproduces details such as the front flap pocket, waist, and hem.

The winter clothes during World War II (WW2) were wool coats, which were unpopular because they were heavy and difficult to move, so development began after WW2, and after repeated improvements, the M-51 was adopted by the U.S. military in 1951. is. In order to respond to various weather conditions, a draw cord to prevent fluttering and cold air from entering in strong winds and a removable liner are attached to complete a light and easy-to-move winter clothes. 1951 was the first actual battle in the midst of the Korean War. And after the end of the Korean War, a large amount of M-51 releases went to the continental United States ... and eventually to Britain. At that time, a lifestyle called "mods" was popular in urban areas of the United Kingdom, and the mods wore this M-51 on their favorite fashion such as pin-striped suits. Is also called "mods coat".

M-51 (Fishtail Hoodie) The beginning of the mod coat dates back to the United States in the 1950s. The origin is a military hoodie called "PARKA SHELL M-1951", which was used by the US ground forces as winter clothing in extremely cold regions. The part "M-1951" is literally the name given to it because it was created in 1951. And based on this M-51, various designs have increased, and now it has become popular as one of the standard coats for fashionable dressing. In Europe and the United States, it is generally called "mods hoodie" because it is used by mods, or "fishtail hoodie" because of its swallow-tailed hem shape. There is also a theory that one of the reasons for its widespread use is that a large number of surpluses went to England.

Sheep bore liner fishtail coat made from M51 as a sheath