US M51 Fishtail Windbreaker Parka



Size Chart:

Size(cm) Length Shoulder Bust Sleeve Length
99 61 146 63.5
102 63.5 154 65

Fit Report

Size Height(cm) Weight(kg) Feeling
A S 173 65 Relaxed Fit
S 175 72 Relaxed Fit
S 182 80 Fit
M 182 80 Relaxed Fit

Shell: Cotton, 6oz lightweight canvas fabric

M51 field windbreaker was a military device for soldiers in cold weather, which became popular among the civil world after the Second World War. Design based on M51. The back fishtail design is a big difference from other windbreakers. There is an adjustable waist with drawstring for the fit you need. There are slant big side flap pockets with fleece lining to keep yourhands warm in cool weather.

Details & Features:
- Zipper closure
- Two side flap pockets

- Adjustable cuffs with elastic strap
- Relaxed Fit
- Machine wash


Washing Instructions
1. Machine wash, or handwash. Wash with water below 40 degrees.
2. Do not bleach. When washing, the color may fade slightly, so please do not wash with white or light-colored items.
3. Rinse thoroughly after washing. If detergent remains, it may discolor or fade.
4. Avoid direct sunlight and dry in the shade to prevent dark clothes from fading. Hang it up.