Beautiful Style Windbreaker

$117.99 $199.00

Size Chart
Size Length Sleeve Length Bust Shoulder  Cuff
M 94.5 54.5 129 58 27
96.5 55.5 133 59.5 28
XL 98.5 56.5 137 61 29

 Product Description
"Balmacaan Coat" is a coat that features a collar that has a high back at the waist and a low back toward the front. It is also called "Balmacaan" or "Balmacaan Court" as an abbreviation. It is said to be derived from the place name Balmacaan in the Scottish Highlands. Originally born as a type of raincoat, there is also a theory that it was derived from a trench coat. By the way, the city of Inverness in the Highlands is also the birthplace of Inverness Court.
Balmacaan Coat has been used in fashion all over the world, and this new product is one of the staples.
Balmacaan coat with a loose and elegant silhouette that seems to be wrapped up. It will make your winter coordination chic.
The front has a fly tailoring that makes it look neat when the button is closed. The large and strong collar is also a fashionable point. The sizing has plenty of space, so you can wear thick knits on the inner without feeling cramped.
You can use it with just the right length regardless of your back, age, or body shape.
Depending on the combination, you can freely choose your favorite style such as business style or casual style, and you can enjoy the color with the splicing design.

Care: Can be washed with water
Fabric thickness: standard
Silhouette: Standard
Elasticity: None
Lining: Yes

Product Details
Material: 97% cotton + 3% spandex
Features: Splicing
Related categories: Tops / Coats
Gender type: Men