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Men's Casual Classic-fit Baggy Pocketed Gurkha Pants

Men's Casual Classic-fit Baggy Pocketed Gurkha Pants

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Size chart:

Size(cm) Length Waist Hip Hem Thigh 
S 106 76 108 36 67
M  107 79 111 37 68.5
108 82 114 38 70
XL 109 85 117 39 71.5
2XL 110 88 120 40 73

Materials: 100% Cotton

Product Description:
Modern chic authentic military pants.
The cotton fabric is washed to give it a natural texture.
The waist of the standard Guruka pants can be adjusted, and you can adjust it in 6 steps to your liking.
The fabric is made of cotton, which increases the texture the more you wear it. With the brand's technical capabilities, this is an accent to your outfit, with a rugged atmosphere and an elegant silhouette.

Background and design inspiration:
The Gurkha trouser takes its name from Nepal’s elite soldiers of the same name, and the Gurkhas themselves in turn derive their name from the Nepalese Kingdom of Gorkha. It was at the Gorkha military fort of Nalapani that the British military, in the form of the East India Company, came into conflict with the Gurkhas in around 1814, and their bravery and ferocity came as something of a shock. Armed with intricate knowledge of the terrain, superior stamina borne out of living most of their lives at high altitude, and complete fearlessness, the Gurkhas held out at Nalapani against a British force around six times their size until they had exhausted all food, water and ammunition. Even then, they chose not surrender, instead fighting their way out of the surrounded fort and escaping into the hills.


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