14oz Red Ear American Casual Vintage Feeling Denim Jacket


Size Chart
Size Shoulder Sleeve Length Bust Length
M 42 55 98 65
L 43 57 101 66
XL 44 58 104 69
2XL 45 60 110 71

Material: 14oz 100% cotton

Product Description
Introducing sophisticated denim that feels the present era, which is handled by fashionable people who travel around the city of LA!
In the old days, denim fabric was woven on a loom called a power loom, so the width of the fabric was as narrow as 27 inches, and the edge of the fabric was used as it was as a side line for jeans. The edge of the denim fabric is called selvedge, and the red line is woven into the "red ear".
This item produces high quality denim items with the concept of reconstructing the minimum and lean form produced as a standard product of VINTAGE industrial products in a modern interpretation. The front hem is sewn from 80's and 90's suits, and the silhouette is shorter and rounder than regular suits, so it's easy to match with various types of pants, and you can enjoy coordination and layered style. The design that fits the body but is easy to move is easy to fit the body shape of Asians, and has excellent functionality and design.

Product Details
Care: Can be washed with water
Fabric thickness: standard
Silhouette: Fit
Elasticity: None
Lining: None
Related categories: Tops / Jackets
Gender type: Men