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Indigo Dyed Elbow Wave Patchwork Sweatshirt

Indigo Dyed Elbow Wave Patchwork Sweatshirt

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Size Chart:

Size(cm) Length Shoulder Bust Sleeve Length
M 70 46 108 65
L 72 48 112 66
XL 74 49 116 67
2XL 75 51 122 67.5

Material: 100% Cotton

This sweatshirt is an essential garment washed crew neck. Made with soft garment washed cotton, throw it on with ease when temps drop. It is indigo dyed and washed, expressed in an exquisite indigo blue color, showing the natural discoloration. The patchwork of traditional patterns on the sleeves creates a more vintage look. It is easy to wear and match with other items.
* Since indigo dye is used, there may be color fading or discoloration. Please handle with carefully.


Details & Features:
- Reversed self fabric patchwork on neckline
- Patchwork on elbow
- Indigo dyed
- Casual Smart
- Regular fit
- Machine wash

About Indigo Dye

 We are all familiar with the distinct blue color of jeans. This unique shade of blue is called indigo, and it comes from an organic dye derived from Indigofera plants. Considered the king of blues, indigo is extensively used in fabric dyeing for its rich and intense color. Indigo-dyeing has a long history, and the method is still as popular as it was centuries ago.
Indigo creates living colors on fabrics, its dyestuff can never fully penetrate into the fiber, since its molecule is so big, and it only adheres to the surface and remains at the outer surface of the fiber. The inside stays white. It abrades or fades continually. This character of indigo lets dyed fabric to have its final look with different types of washing and finishing applications. It enables dyed fabric to response to finishing applications that gives a real life to the fabric.


Washing Instructions

1. When hand wash, do not soak in water for a long time. If you use a washing machine, please use a laundry bag. Wash with water below 40 degrees.
2. Do not bleach. When washing, the color may fade slightly, so please do not wash with white or light-colored items.
3. Rinse thoroughly after washing. If detergent remains, it may discolor or fade.
4. Avoid direct sunlight and dry in the shade to prevent dark clothes from fading. Hang it up.

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