Bike Bandanas with Leather Clips


The advantages of the choice of two types.
1.In the center of the bandana, a print of a skeleton riding a bike is featured, expressing a sense of freedom and adventure through the posture and poses of the skeleton. The print is detailed, providing a realistic and powerful impression.

2.A print depicting flowers and snakes beautifully drawn, where flowers symbolize vibrancy and vitality, while snakes evoke a mysterious image. This combination creates a distinctive design that blends contrasting elements.


Made from cotton fabric, these bandanas boast a texture that combines durability with warmth, while also possessing excellent absorbency and stretch.


Pairing them with outerwear or leather jackets can create a cool and edgy look. While using them as handkerchiefs is traditional, they can also serve as decorations on bags! The possibilities for use are endless, limited only by your imagination.

■Product details
Bandana: Cotton
Ring: Cowhide/Metal
Related categories: Accessories/Other Accessories
Gender type: Male
Size: 56cm x 56cm