Multi-card Slot Raw Denim Long Wallet



Combining traditional denim and leather craftsmanship, KARAKUOUTFIT presents a meticulous fusion of "weaving" and "dyeing" techniques, ensuring the highest quality denim crafted by artisans. The interior design is tailored for easy organization, with payment pathways in mind. You can easily see what's where at a glance. Bills are neatly stored with dividers, allowing for swift access and storage without delay at the register. Balancing luxury and casualness, this wallet ages beautifully with use, allowing you to enjoy the unique textures of leather and denim more with each passing day.


Crafted from soft and comfortable denim fabric, this wallet excels in moisture absorption and breathability, ensuring a pleasant experience in any season. With its wash treatment, the material exhibits natural fading and a worn-in feel, exuding a vintage aesthetic.


Featuring a timeless and classical design, this wallet offers versatility from casual to elegant settings, seamlessly blending functionality with style. Ideal for daily use, radiating a sense of luxury wherever it goes.

■Product details
Material: Denim/tanned leather
Related categories: Accessories/Bags
Gender type: Male
Size: 10cm*19.5cm*1.5cm