Natural Stone Bead x Skull Chain Bracelet


The connection between the skull-adorned chain is robust, creating a gothic style that exudes a unique personality. Some parts feature volcanic rock beads, a natural stone characterized by shades of black and gray. These beads have a textured surface, providing a distinct texture.

Additionally, Stitching color are used in some sections. Stitching color is a natural stone with shades of brown and yellow-brown, featuring distinctive striations and luster. The beads have a smooth surface, imparting a natural warmth.


Crafted from premium titanium, which is rust-resistant, lightweight, and stress-free, this bracelet is its attractive feature. With its low likelihood of causing metal allergies, it's perfect for daily wear.


It fits snugly around the wrist. With its unique design and dark style, it complements rock, mode, and edgy fashion styles perfectly.

■Product details
Material: Natural stone/Titanium
Related categories: Accessories/Other Accessories
Gender type: Male
Weight: 30g
Bead width: 11MM