Hand-washed Leather Tri-fold Long Wallet



A long wallet crafted from soft, silky cow leather that molds comfortably to the hand. Characterized by its distinctive wrinkles, this wallet exudes a vintage charm. With two spacious bill compartments and ample card pockets, it offers exceptional storage capacity. Its casual design pairs seamlessly with various fashion styles, adding a touch of individuality. Featuring a simple design in a matte hue, it closes securely with two snap buttons. Each piece undergoes artisanal craftsmanship, ensuring a unique finish with hand-applied wrinkle detailing, making each wallet one-of-a-kind.


Crafted from top-layer Italian leather, this item offers the allure of enjoying natural aging over time. One of its captivating features lies in its abundant oil content,revealing a rich patina and depth of color as it ages. Enjoy the evolving luster and color nuances that emerge with each use.


A timeless design with classical elegance,while also offering a blend of functionality and style.With its inherent sense of luxury, it adds sophistication to any occasion, epitomizing refined quality.

■Product details
Material: Top layer leather
Related categories: Accessories/bags
Gender type: Male
Size: 10cm*19cm*1.5cm