「Monet's Water Lilies and Black Cat in Dreams」Oil Painting Full-frame Pattern Aloha shirt

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This is a picture depicting a fantasy world where a black cat plays in a dream. At the center of the design is a black cat squatting on a Japanese bridge in Claude Monet's 「Water Lilies」.The designer uses a surreal expression technique to combine reality and fantasy elements.


The stylish Cuban collar adds comfortable space to your neck, and the cuffs are also cut to leave a certain amount of space for easy movement.The overall fit of the product has a comfortable feel, and the nice cut and tight stitching around the hem add a rich feel.

「Pattern design that shows personality」
The background of the pattern design is Monet's famous painting "Water Lilies", which depicts beautiful water lily ponds and scenery. It is a representative work of Impressionism.
The Japanese bridge is also placed in the painting, with a black cat squatting inside. The painting is a fusion of Western painting and Japanese landscape, creating a contrast between different cultures and aesthetics.

Cats are often considered mystical creatures and may symbolize good luck or mystery. Therefore, by placing the cat at the center of this design, the designer expresses curiosity and yearning for the dream world.


The fabric has a drapey feel and just the right amount of shine, and is made from 100% polyester material. It has an excellent smooth texture with a cooling feel. And it keeps you comfortable even when you're sweating.


The product can be worn with denim, cargo pants, baker pants or chinos for a classic American casual look, or worn directly with shorts for a summery outfit.

Care: Washable
Fabric thickness: Standard
Fit type: Loose
Elasticity: None

Lining: None

Product details:

Material: 100% polyester
Related categories: Tops/Shirts

Gender type: Male

size chart(inch)
Size Shoulder Chest Sleeve Length Length
M 19.68 46.06 9.84 29.53
L 20.47 49.21 10.24 30.31
XL 21.26 52.36 10.63 31.1
2XL 22.05 55.51 11.02 31.89
3XL 22.83 58.66 11.42 32.68
4XL 23.64 61.81 11.81 33.46
5XL 24.41 64.96 12.2 34.25


size chart(cm)
Size Shoulder Chest Sleeve Length Length
M 50 117 25 75
L 52 125 26 77
XL 54 133 27 79
2XL 56 141 28 81
3XL 58 149 29 83
4XL 60 157 30 85
5XL 62 165 31 87
*Product texture and color may vary depending on equipment and product production environment. Thanks for your understanding.
*Depending on the characteristics of the product's fabric and weave, the size chart may have an error of 1-3 cm(1 cm≈ 0.394in).Please pay attention.