「KaraKux365CAT.ART」The Great Wave off Kanagawa・Surfing Tattooed Cat Aloha Shirt

$79.99 $93.99


Collaborative cat-print items produced by KaraKu and the illustrator <365CAT.ART>. With the theme of "new Japanese modern", blending traditional culture and contemporary fashion, this is a cute shirt for cat lovers.


The illustration depicts a cat enjoying surfing on the waves, with beautiful flower tattoos adorning its body, all depicted with colorful hues and intricate details. The cat's expressions convey joy and adventurous spirit, emphasizing individuality and artistic expression. In the background, the image incorporates elements from the famous ukiyo-e print "The Great Wave off Kanagawa." Inspired by the works of Katsushika Hokusai, this ukiyo-e print shows the power of the sea waves.


It's made from rayon fabric that's smooth and silky, making it extremely comfortable to wear. It achieves a lightweight and soft feel, while also being resistant to static electricity, ensuring it doesn't cling uncomfortably to the skin.


A blend of Americana and Ukiyo-e styles with a touch of playfulness captures this year's trends, making it a recommended choice. It's easy to create a trendy retro style and suitable for a wide range of uses, from daily wear to outdoor wear.

Care: Washable
Fabric thickness: Standard
Fit type: Loose
Elasticity: None

Lining: None

■Product details
Material: 100% rayon
Related categories: Tops/Shirts
Gender type: Male
size chart(inch)
Size Shoulder Chest Sleeve Length Length
M 19.68 46.06 9.84 29.53
L 20.47 49.21 10.24 30.31
XL 21.26 52.36 10.63 31.1
2XL 22.05 55.51 11.02 31.89
3XL 22.83 58.66 11.42 32.68
4XL 23.64 61.81 11.81 33.46
5XL 24.41 64.96 12.2 34.25


size chart(cm)
Size Shoulder Chest Sleeve Length Length
M 50 117 25 75
L 52 125 26 77
XL 54 133 27 79
2XL 56 141 28 81
3XL 58 149 29 83
4XL 60 157 30 85
5XL 62 165 31 87
*Product texture and color may vary depending on equipment and product production environment. Thanks for your understanding.
*Depending on the characteristics of the product's fabric and weave, the size chart may have an error of 1-3 cm(1 cm≈ 0.394in).Please pay attention.