Ukiyo-e Style Aloha Shirt With Various Fish Illustrations 《Octopus》

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In recent years, Itō Jakuchū has gained worldwide recognition as a fantasy painter. The vigorous vitality of animals and plants is expressed in a dreamy way with ultra-detailed depictions and extremely exquisite colors. All 30 works of the extremely popular collection「Animals and Plants」are completely reprinted. 「Various Fishes」is a painting made entirely of fish, which depicts 16 species of fish swimming in the sea. Itō Jakuchū depicts various phenomena in the ocean from imagination, showing us the interesting ocean world. The most impressive protagonist is the octopus. If you look carefully, you can see the small octopus clinging to the tentacles of the big octopus, which makes us feel Itō Jakuchū's rich imagination of marine life activities.

This product is designed based on the 27th painting「Octopus」(produced between 1757s and 1766s) in 「Animals and Plants」, one of Ito Jakuchi's masterpieces. It depicts 16 species of fish swimming in the sea. This is an excellent work, and although based on meticulous sketches, it has a fantastical atmosphere and humor, somewhat like a modern surrealist painting. The fabric is made of 100% Tencel fabric, which has a silk-like delicate luster and is smooth, soft and skin-friendly. It brings a refreshing feeling in summer after wearing it. Open collar shirts are stress-free, effortless and comfortable. The work pocket placed on the left chest can also be used to store small items that are easy to fall.

Care: Washable
Fabric thickness: Standard
Silhouette: Loose
Flexibility: None

Lining: None

■Product details:

Material: 100% Tencel
Related categories: Tops/Shirts

Gender type: Male

size chart(inch)
Size Shoulder Chest Sleeve Length Length
M 19.68 46.06 9.84 29.53
L 20.47 49.21 10.24 30.31
XL 21.26 52.36 10.63 31.1
2XL 22.05 55.51 11.02 31.89
3XL 22.83 58.66 11.42 32.68
4XL 23.64 61.81 11.81 33.46
5XL 24.41 64.96 12.2 34.25


size chart(cm)
Size Shoulder Chest Sleeve Length Length
M 50 117 25 75
L 52 125 26 77
XL 54 133 27 79
2XL 56 141 28 81
3XL 58 149 29 83
4XL 60 157 30 85
5XL 62 165 31 87
*Product texture and color may vary depending on equipment and product production environment. Thanks for your understanding.
*Depending on the characteristics of the product's fabric and weave, the size chart may have an error of 1-3 cm(1 cm≈ 0.394in).Please pay attention.