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American Retro Thick Motorcycle Big Stripe T-shirt

American Retro Thick Motorcycle Big Stripe T-shirt

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Size Chart(cm):
Size(cm) Length Bust Shoulder Sleeve Length
S 63 96 42 17
M 65 100 44 18
L 67 104 46 19
XL 69 108 48 20

Fabric: Cotton

The evergreen style---thick striped T-shirt is also a style for motorcycle players.
The stripe width has achieved a width of 5CM, and the fabric has a thickness of 260 grams, which is heavy.
There are also more colors, a total of 8 colors, only the red, white and black color is with pockets.
In the Middle Ages, black and white stripes were the clothing of prisoners. It was originally derived from the camouflage texture of the zebra. The stripes on zebras seem out of place in nature, but they can actually mislead natural enemy creatures, and they are also a signal of communication between individuals.
Therefore, humans have used it in the military, such as camouflage patterns on warships, soldiers' camouflage uniforms and camouflage on their faces. During World War II, stripes were widely used on the lapel of sailor uniforms. Over the centuries, Mr. Stripe has changed a lot, but the trend remains the same.

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