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Retro OG-107 Casual Herringbone Military Baker Pants

Retro OG-107 Casual Herringbone Military Baker Pants

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Size Chart:

Size(cm) Waist Thigh Leg Opening Length
XS 74 48 42 102
S 77 60 44 104
M 80 62 46 106
L 84 64 48 108
XL 88 66 50 110

Shell: Cotton 

There are two large patch pockets on the front and back of the army pants, commonly known in the United States as Baker Pants, which are bread pants. In the early days, bread pants were only work clothes in tropical regions, and they were widely used in military uniforms during the Vietnam War. In the middle and late stages of the US-Vietnam War, it was gradually replaced by four-color jungle camouflage.
The pants are very tightly routed from the front. The two pockets are symmetrical and neatly rectangular and are sewn directly on the outer layer. The version is straight, and the fabric is tough and wear-resistant. There is an elastic band at the waist to adjust the tightness. Our model uses a herringbone fabric. The material is silky, and the wearing feel is more textured than usual twill cotton


Care Instructions:

  • Machine was, or handwash. Wash with water below 40 degrees.
  • Do not bleach. When washing, the color may fade slightly, so please do not wash with white or light-colored items.
  • Rinse thoroughly after washing. If detergent remains, it may discolor or fade.
  •  Avoid direct sunlight and dry in the shade to prevent dark clothes from fading. Hang it up.
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