Riffbuy is an international B2C online fashion shopping site, we're global online wholesale and retail supplier for men's high quality clothing and accessories with our exclusive stable production and supply chain.

The founder of our company is an old garment industry veteran who has worked in garments for over 15 years for many well-known garment brands. With extensive contacts in the clothing supply chain, such as many kinds of garment factories, fabric mills, denim washing laundries, sweater factories, accessories factories, and many skilled tailors, he has a wealth of knowledge and resources about clothing, such as garment and fabric production lines and related test standards. He likes classic styles, and built a team with whom same aesthetics and hobbies in 2015, focus on classic styles and are committed to manufacturing high-quality products that can still be worn decently even over time.
We aim to provide the best quality products to our valued customers at a competitive price.
When you shop with Riffbuy, you only pay for the quality and not a brand tag.
Our mission is to maintain long-term stability and smooth growth on the 3 simple points below.

1. Quality Products - Quality comes first while quantity second.
We aim to provide high quality products for the best value for your money. We design and produce a variety of our own products. And we also source a range of our products directly from our trusted vendors. All our products are strictly assessed to maintain quality standards before going into our customers' hands. Many collections are even made in small batches by skilled tailors with the utmost attention to detail to reproduce heritage craftsmanship and authenticity. Each item has been made using fine fabric from all over the globe, customized high-quality materials, and the sewing and construction methods and machinery from the past to ensure quality.
Since we are B2C, it is easier for us to control quality and delivery. Our souring team always keep close touch with the production and quality assurance team. Our attention is focused on every detail

2. Low Prices - Low price based on high quality.
We aim to keep our prices as low as possible. Due to our extensive supplier network, we have access to high-quality raw materials at the most competitive prices. And also we manufacture and source some of our products directly from the vendors, selling directly to customers no middlemen, it helps us to minimize the cost. We pass the savings to our customers. This also enables us to build a direct communication channel, gathering invaluable feedback and suggestions from customer, then correct and grow up.

3. Customer Satisfaction - Customers Always Prioritizes
We believe in the highest levels of customer satisfaction and exceeding your expectations which is our key to succeed, grow and maintain our brand name’s reputation. We aim to offer high quality products, low prices and provide the highest service level for your greater shopping experience with us. So that we can win more buyers to come back. We aim to serve you for your lifetime, but not a temporary quick income in a short time. When you shop with Riffbuy, you can trust just not only our products but also our after sales customer support. We supply 30 days exchange and return policy.

If there's any question, you can contact us via e-mail (service@riffbuy.com)/Face Book/Instagram.