Collection: History of the Development of the U.S. Military's Field Trench Coat

Most of the Army's clothing is quite different in version, materials and uses, but the ideas are similar. On the whole, it can be divided into the following representative models: M41, M42, M43, M51, M65

M41 Field Jacket: The M41 jacket is cheaper, dirt-resistant, has improved warmth and water resistance, and does not require dry cleaning, making it easy to clean and maintain. It is an epoch-making military jacket.
M42 paratrooper windbreaker: In order to make the jacket both keep the temperature and facilitate the march, and the length across or over the hip is the best choice, so the M42 increases the length of the jacket, changing from a jacket to a windbreaker.
M43 field trench coat: The collar is changed to a suit-style open collar, and a button to fix the hood is added on the back. There is a windproof cover under the left collar, which can be erected to resist the cold wind. In addition, a drawstring is added to the waist. , which can be worn without a belt to protect the waist from the wind.
M51/M51Parka field trench coat: M51 was born in the Korean battlefield. In the face of a colder combat environment, M51 replaced the buttons with metal zippers, and the waist drawstring was moved from the inside to the outside. The more well-known version of the M51 is the M51Parka, which is an extended version with an independent hood and improved hem, which is why the "fishtail coat" gets its name. M51Parka has a unique fishtail design, and the US military is designing Military uniforms have always paid attention to the comfort of soldiers, and this fishtail was also retained on the M65parka that appeared later.
M51Parka shines brightly in the fashion industry under the blessing of Mod culture, opening up the style of military uniforms and gentlemen's clothing. The popularity and acceptance of the M51 also symbolized the beginning of the culture of military uniform fashion.
M65 field windbreaker: using the new NYCO fabric, it is a blended fabric of nylon (nylon) and cotton (cotton) in a ratio of 50:50, which can combine the wear-resistant and waterproof of nylon and the warmth and breathability of cotton. It was a high-tech fabric at that time. Another highlight of the M65's chest design - the two signature large pockets are affectionately called "CARGO POCKET" by the soldiers. M65 is not just a military uniform, it has been classic and practical for more than 40 years since its inception. The design not only affected the military uniforms of various countries, but more importantly, had a huge impact on civilian clothing. A series of improved military trench coats were derived.